Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Change

I am sitting here waiting for DirectTV to show up. I am dumping Charter cable for good and going satellite. Tired of the expense and tired of the marginal quality.

I got my latest charter bill this week and it went up again. I checked back and sure enough this was the second increase in 6 months. More for the programs, more for the equipment. When I reviewed what I was spending for "communications" that being telephone, long distance, cable, internet and Madam's cell it totaled to over 2 grand a year! WTF! Not to mention this months Consumer Reports rated Charter at the bottom in quality, selection and customer satisfaction and DirectTV at the top right behind Verizon Fiber(not available here in Atlanta).
Fortuitously an offer showed up from AT&T for bundling DirectTV with my AT&T services. I called them and we reviewed my situation. The bottom line is that adding DirectTV to my AT&T local and long distance and adding DSL instead of cable internet I save over a grand a year plus I get more channels, better quality, more HD channels, DVR and $250 in rebates.
I get to go through the hassle of notifying the universe of the personal email change but for that kind of money and the additional benefits who cares?
Today will be the TV and I should receive the DSL hardware on Monday. Bye Charter!

If you might be in a similar situation it might not hurt to check and see what bundling all your services with a single provider will get you. AT&T is offering some good incentives to get all of your business but so might some other providers.

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