Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dearest Pig

Sorry to have started the day of St. Valentine with such a depressing story but it is what first came across the screen. Here is something a little lighter.

In honor of this day for the Patron Saint of couples, bee keepers, epilepsy, lovers, plague, travelers, and several other disparate groups I offer a old term of endearment that you can use with your SO today. Pigsnye which comes from the Glossary of Tudor and Stuart Words by Walter Skeat,1914. It means darling: "a dear little [pig's] eye". Commonly used as an endearing form of address to a girl. [Charles Dickens called his wife 'dearest mouse" and "dearest darling pig"]. The use of this term will surely make your companion quite "bobbersome". [elated: in high spirits] John Brockett, Glossary of North Country Words, 1825.

Tonight, in honor of the day, I will serve a nice soufflé au fromage made with Gruyere, a nice roquette (arugula) salad. The wine will be a nice effervescent Prosecca from Italy and yes there just happens to be one pot de creme au chocolat left that will be shared.

Do you have a special Valentine's meal?

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