Sunday, February 03, 2008

Here's to the Links

Skippy has created Blogroll Amnesty Day (B.A.D.). It all goes back to when Atrios purged his blogroll and all that back when. Skippy has the explanation. The whole idea is to link to downstream blogs or those that deserve much more attention than they get. I started this blog sort of on a whim but it has developed and I actually have some traffic occasionally, even though it seems to come and go. I am proud to say I am on some mighty fine blogrolls such as FDL and SteveAudio as well as BarkBarkWolfWolf (a New York playwright no less), Yellow Doggerel Democrat, Why Now?, MCCS1977 and well, a bunch of others. I was even linked on Crooks&Liars once!I believe I have reciprocated to all who link here. If I haven't please tell me.

In the spirit of B.A.D.(not that my mention will help much). There are two blogs on my blogroll that I think deserve much more attention than they receive.

The first is the first on the roll and that is Adgitadiaries. Published by two very smart and amazing gentlemen M and T. Great prose, poetry and generally fascinating stuff can be found there. If you not a regular visitor there you are shorting yourself.

Second there is DeRosaWorld which is published by Jim DeRosa a transplanted New Yorker now in L.A. A history buff and avid reader Jim always has some keen insights to what is going on. He deserves a lot more traffic.

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