Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hot Races

Pretty amazing primaries yesterday. Two great candidates and no clear winner. What is impressive is the number of Democrats turning out to vote. Bodes well for November regardless of the nominee. Looks like the later primary states like Texas and Ohio are going to get to play in the game this time around.

Huckleberry doing so well is a surprise and rather depressing, especially knowing he took Georgia. Doesn't speak well for the general intelligence in these parts, does it?

Hunker down day here in Northern Atlanta. I noticed that it was really "green" out at sun up when I was feeding the birds and squirrels(it has warmed up enough that the chipmunks are awake too). Usually "green" is a warning of bad weather and sure enough the TV is warning of bad thunderstorms and possible tornadoes. Memphis and Arkansas got whacked last night.
Gotta finish up my project and get it distributed this morning so not much wandering the nets until after lunch sometime.

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