Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Debris and More Debris

Okay, it took the better part of a day but all the storm debris is in a tidy pile by the street for the city to haul away. I still have the big logs to cut up but I just didn't have the spit to drag out the chain saw this afternoon. I only roughly counted the pine cones but it is somewhere around 10,000.

The sun has finally returned with the occasional cloud and the next three or four days should give the garden time to dry out enough to till. The cover crop of rye, clover and vetch is getting very tall with all this rain but the old Troy Bilt won't have a problem tilling it under if I can get to it soon.

Minimonk (the daughter) and a couple of her firefighter colleagues have volunteered to help me with the leaning pine. I have been warned any number of times not to attempt it by myself. I could get it to fall but I am not sure I would survive unscathed. That won't happen till next week though and the wind my bring it down before then.

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