Friday, April 17, 2009

Drying Out

It looks like it is now dry enough to till the last half of the garden. This is good because the cover crop of clover, vetch and cereal rye is getting very tall. The red clover is just about to bloom. Today looks like the day to finish the tilling and this weekend the time to put out tomatoes and peppers and get the first planting of beans in. I need to check the soil temperature but I think it is still a little too cool for squash, cukes and all. Another week of normal spring temps should warm everything up enough.

Madam and I are dog sitting this weekend for daughter's dogs as she and hubby are taking the horses to South Carolina for a camping trip. The place they are going doesn't allow dogs. The dogs normally go but this weekend are stuck with grandpa and grandma. Both are well behaved and no trouble Stewart the rat terrier is not as friendly as the pit bull/lab mix Megan. We are all going to take a walk in a bit and then I will get to work. I am sure they will have a good time tilling and playing in the dirt as well. I will try and get a picture of them to post later.

Gorgeous day and perfect for gardening(and walking dogs). Later.

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