Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

I try and celebrate the third rock from the sun everyday so I guess I can use Earth Day as a good reminder to try harder. We, as the biggest polluter of the earth, and in spite of all the green this and green that are still doing a woefully poor job of stewardship. If every light bulb in your house is not a fluorescent you aren't doing enough. If you take a trash can or more full of garbage to the street every week you aren't doing enough. If you are sending your vegetable trimming and scraps down the disposer or into the trash instead of vermi-composting them you aren't doing enough. If you aren't recycling all the paper, cardboard, glass and most plastic you aren't doing enough. You know the drill.
Anyhow, take this Earth Day for what it is and re-evaluate how you are stewarding your part of the only home you have. Everyone can improve, even us DFH's. Try and improve your environmental impact today even if it is somethings as simple as taking your own reusable bags to the grocery and other shopping. I keep mine in the trunk of the car so I always have them and at some markets you even get a discount for bringing your own bags.

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