Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's the Garden

I know it has been relatively quiet around here for the last few days but its the garden's fault. There are only so many days of sun and there is so much work to be done that I am in the garden from early morning til late in the day(basically until I run out of gas).

The weekend was good. All of the tomatoes (42) are in and mulched. All of the peppers are in (54) and mulched. Still have the cages for the tomatoes to do. Got all of the 12 varieties of melons, squash, and cukes in. The storage squash like butternut and acorn will go in later. The first planting of green beans, lima beans and okra are done. There will be successive plantings for fresh eating. In the next month or so I will plant all the beans that will dry on the vine for winter storage. Still to come this week are pole beans, butter peas, corn, sweet potato, and peanuts.

I hope your weekend weather was a beautiful as mine. If the weekend is any judge we are going to skip spring and go right to summer. Here it is at 2130 and it is still 73 F outside and 86 F inside and no, I refuse to turn on the air conditioner in April. Summer electric bills are bad enough without having to start paying them in the Spring.
That's my weekend. I will actually spend some time on the job boards tomorrow morning before I esapate to the garden but if the temps are like today I will work inside in the afternoons and leave the gardening for the cooler morning hours.

I think I have mentioned before that Minimonk(AKA my daughter) is a metal sculptor. I thought I might post a picture of her latest work. This is going to be donated to a fund raiser for a local nature center. It will be auctioned and I will be surprised if it doesn't bring in some real money. Like other artists, she is hesitant to claim the proper value for her work. Hopefully, the auction will convince her that her dad is not totally clueless when he says $500 is not too much to expect for a one of a kind sculpture like this. Today's economy might dull things a bit but you never know.

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