Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Small Engines

Does anybody out there in the vast "Tube world" have any knowledge of 6hp Kohler engines. The ones I am dealing with are about twenty years old. I have two... one on my TroyBilt tiller and the other on my WW chipper/shredder. They are almost identical.

My problem is that the tiller engine has a tube running from the crankcase to the carb that brings crankcase gases into the input of the carb. They other engine just vents the crankcase.

The tiller, with the crankcase gases, clogs up the air filter with crankcase oil in just a few hours of running and chokes off the engine because of no air. No problem like this with the shredder. I was thinking I might just remove the line to the crankcase on the tiller and just let it vent outside like the shredder. Like I said the engines are identical except for this one difference. I can't afford to replace the air filter after every operation on the tiller and changing this crankcase ventilation may prevent the oil clogging the air filter.

If anyone has any advice...

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