Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weather Stupid

I missed my opportunity to till the rest of the garden and turn under the clover and vetch cover crop. It was forecast to rain starting late morning and through most of the afternoon with thunderstorms and locally heavy rains. We did get the storms but not until about 7pm. It takes a couple of hours to do the job so I didn't want to start and get interrupted. I waited and waited for the rain and storms but when I finally decided they weren't coming it was too late. Now the ground is soaked again and I will probably not get a chance until next weekend since we are forecast for rain again tomorrow and Monday. Rats! I did, however, get the grass mowed which is something.

The local man who was cited for keeping chickens in the city limits was staging a "chicken stimulus" this morning and giving away two free baby chicks and a small sack of feed to all comers this morning. He had 900 3 day old chicks. I want to start keeping chickens and I had to resist the temptation to go get mine. I am just not ready for chickens(besides it being against the law currently). I need to build a coop and all that before I would have a safe place for them. Many hawks, coyotes and other predators. They need a safe haven. I am also not so sure all the little chicks given away today are going to be actual chickens and not just Easter treats for the kids. Keeping chickens is a big commitment.

Anyhow, the ground is now saturated so no gardening this weekend. I still have a bunch of tomato cages to fabricate and a giant roll of concrete reinforcing wire waiting. That will keep me occupied and I won't be tempted to destroy my garden soil by working in it whilst it is too wet. Patience, patience.

I did manage to bake a batch of Toll House chocolate cookies(redundant?) for Madam while dithering over the weather. She had been hinting for days on the desire for chocolate chip cookies. She now has a whole tin full.

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