Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Insanity Rides

I haven't written anything on the "teabag" events mainly because it is so stupid and I refuse to acknowledge their credibility by even talking about them but I will make an exception tonight. I just have to say something.

One. Let's get something out of the way first off. This is an excuse for the "vast right wing" to bash President Obama. The excuse that this is about taxes is so disingenuous it is to laugh. The budget calls to raise taxes on maybe the top 5% of the population but not even to the rates they paid under Saint Reagan. The reality is that most of the "protesters" are getting a tax decrease and for the life of me I can't understand a protest over a tax decrease. I guess you have to be insane.

This is really no different than the people immediately jumping on President Obama over the proposed changes to the allocations in the DOD budget. It gets rid of some programs that are really toilet fodder anyway and actually increases the total spending by a few percent. Critics are already calling the increased DOD budget "Gutting the military". Go figure.

The bottom line is that the peasants are doing what the peasants are supposed to do when their masters speak. Shirk in fear, mouth the suggested prayer and do what they are told.

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