Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring is Back

Back from the Masters. A little sun on the face but otherwise no problems. Beautiful day yesterday in Augusta though it started a bit cool. Not as cool as forecast but still in the upper 30's at 7am. Managed to park(for free) right by the back gate so no long walk to the course. Got in the obligatory view of Tiger practicing on #2 and #7 though he quit before he got to #16 where we were staked out for most of the mid morning and early afternoon.
It was Madam's first trip to Augusta National for the Masters and even though she is not a big golfer she enjoyed the day and the gorgeous course, which was in perfect shape. Every azalea was in bloom along with the dogwoods and everything else. She had the customary pimento cheese sandwich and I as well though I added a BBQ sandwich in mid afternoon. For a very upscale and expensive sporting event the concessions are very cheap. Most sandwiches are $1.50 and a beer is $3.oo for domestic and $4.00 for import. Nothing is exorbitantly priced which always strikes me as odd since the clientele is mostly wealthy who wouldn't bat an eye at $5.00 for a sandwich.
Back to the drill this morning. Already moved all the garden plants back out into the sun. They spent two days in the basement due to the cold weather but it is brilliant out so they are sucking up the sun already. All the deck plants are back out as well after they had to be protected in the basement as well.
Now to figure out what is going on the world and to look for that perfect job....

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