Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lizard Lights

Glorious Easter Sunday here in Atlanta. Perfect weather for garden chores and all that stuff. Madam and I spent the whole day outside and we got a lot of little chores done. All of the hellebores(Lenten Rose) my daughter gave are safe in their new home. The earlier ones are doing fine so the newbies should get along as well. The bed is on the northern side of the house and gets no direct sun and the only thing that grows there are deep shade loving plants like hellebore. I was surprised today to see that the astilbe I thought was lost is all back and seemingly happy.

While I was cleaning up the bed and getting the new tenants in I kept disturbing the little fellow in the picture. It was still early and coolish and he was determined to get some sun. Every time I came around the end of the bed he would scurry into the cracks but if I was still he would soon creep slowly back into the sun. I was waiting with the camera on one such occasion.

Monday cometh.

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