Thursday, August 17, 2006

End of An Era

It was a somewhat stressful day here at Fallenmonk manor. Madam monk has finally decided to sell the 1974 Mercedes-Benz 240D that she inherited from her mother and she completed the transaction today. We have been keeping it in the garage, insured and licensed for some 25 years with an occasional trip out just to keep the juices flowing. The good news is she sold it to a friend that does restorations for a hobby and was actually thrilled to acquire it. Nevertheless, it was a tough separation but Madam held up and went through with it and didn't cry where I could see.

The buyer got a good deal and has promised to restore it to mint condition which shouldn't be too hard since it is already pretty close to that state already. One of his businesses is supplying vintage cars to movies and commercials so maybe the Merc has a good home.

Madam and her Merc were kind of an "item" around town as they churned around billowing smoke and several folks in town were aghast that she let it go. It was time but not easy.

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