Thursday, August 03, 2006

Get Used to It

So is everyone surviving the "NSTAGW" weather. Here in Metro Atlanta is is 94 degrees and 50% humidity which makes it feel like about a 100. I have had to fill up the birdbaths twice today as every bird in the northern half of the county has stopped by for a splash. They are actually waiting in line for a chance in the water. The jays and robins have a tendency to hog all the space for themselves and some of the smaller birds have to sneak in under the radar for a dip. Even the normally shy bluebirds have come today. I think this is just a portent of our future so as the title says "Get Used to It".

I'm working (intermittently) from home this week but did go out and do a little shopping earlier and stocked up on some necessities.(Vodka, Gin, Vermouth etc.;-)) and even went by Publix to get a couple of small steaks for the grill tonight. Holy smoke the New York strip was $12 a pound as was were the ribeyes. I passed and went cheap and will experiment tonight with a couple of small top sirloins. It was half the price and I was feeling cheap. I will wrap it in bacon and cook it over the hottest fire I can muster. It won't equal the high priced steaks but we should be able to chew it. Vegetarian is looking better and better. (and no "I told you so" Steve) We'll see.

Speaking of vegetarian...I have tried it a few times for short periods(heavy Zen period) and Madam cut out dead critters for over a year a while back. Since I do most if not all the cooking when I am home I actually think I got to be a pretty good veggie cook. We also have some vegetarian friends that seem to like my cooking. I don't think I can give up meat completely and I can't tolerate the "faux meats" but I am seriously considering shifting to to a more vegetarian diet. The thing with the "faux meats" is mostly philosophical. If you are being a vegetarian because of moral reasons it is silly to eat pretend meat as I can't see a difference other than nothing actually warm blooded died for your dinner but philosophically something did. A lot of my vegan friends eat it though and rave about how it tastes just like turkey or beef or something...I find it kind of spooky. I've cooked them and tasted them and personally would rather just eat a plain old vegetable. Personal quirk I guess.

Everyone try and stay cool, drink plenty of water and try and stay out of the sun.

BTW "NSTAGW" is "No Such Thing As Global Warming"

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