Thursday, August 24, 2006

Off to the Orient

Been busy trying to tie up all the loose ends before I head to China for a week. I think I have managed to get all of my carry on stuff sanitized of liquids and gels. When I am on these 24 hour airplane episodes I carry an small bag in addition to my briefcase that allows me to carry my prescriptions, camera, snacks and all in one place. Cleaning it out this morning I discovered a little tube of toothpaste ( dangerous - not allowed) and a hotel bottle of shampoo (dangerous too) and Goddess forbid a little bottle of mouthwash from my last stay at in a posh hotel London (purged).

I burned out this morning and stocked up on peanut butter crackers, peanuts, gum and a couple of nutrition bars. The Boy Scouts taught me to be prepared and even though I am flying business it pays to have a little insurance in the kit. I even have a handful of individually wrapped moist towelettes for moisture if needed. I think those are OK to go.

Charging up the camera, phone, spare laptop battery and iPod so I should be electronically prepared. I have even determined that the same power adapter I need for the UK is what I will need for the hotel. Best as I can tell Blogger is now available in Beijing and has been for a couple of months so I might be able to say howdy from there. You might even get a picture or two.

So we are off early tomorrow morning and fly to Chicago which is 2 hours. From Chicago we go to Tokyo Narita which is 13 hours and then on to Beijing in another 3 and a half hours. Should land in Beijing at about 9pm Saturday night which will be 9pm Friday night in Atlanta as Beijing is 24 hours ahead of Atlanta currently. The hotel should have a car waiting and I should be safe and sound and very ready to crawl into bed by about 10 pm tomorrow night Atlanta time.

That's the plan but with international travel you pay your money and take your chances. A friend just returned from Germany and should have been a one day trip turned into two since he had to change planes in London.

We shall see.

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