Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Psyche is Strained

Been having Internet problems at home and had to wait until I got into the office to post this.

After yesterday’s embarrassing press conference it is now entirely obvious that Bush does not have a plan for cleaning up or dealing with the disaster he and his evil minions have created in Iraq and truth be told, He most obviously never did. We are now at the point where he and the rest of the GOP are just looking for a way to minimize the political fallout from this mess. They are looking at how they can find the best “political advantage”.

President Bush said Monday the United States would lose "our soul as a nation" if it gave up on the Iraq war now, warning it would be a "disaster" if U.S. troops left before the new Iraqi government can control the country.

"We're not leaving so long as I'm president," Bush said in a White House press conference. "That would be a huge mistake." He conceded, though that the war was "straining the psyche of our country."

Hello! If we Americans are going to be losing our souls or getting our psyche strained it’s because the majority of Americans have figured out that we have taken a bite of something we shouldn’t have and know it is rapidly poisoning us. We know the antidote but George W. Bush refuses to acknowledge it.

If you will look back you will see that repeatedly Bush himself has openly admitted, in so many words, that he doesn’t give a flip what the majority of Americans want. He intends to keep our young men and women in Iraq until the end of his term, period. We're not leaving no matter what and it doesn't matter how many Americans or Iraqis die or how much money it costs. It doesn't even matter how much we have to sacrifice our needs here at home or how hopeless the situation becomes. He isn’t going to remove US troops from Iraq. He still seems to have some vision of victory regardless of how far that vision moves into the world of myth and dreams.

The frightening thing is that Bush is seemingly not even contemplating the possibility that victory could be an impossibility. He seems to believe that somehow we can snatch victory from Iraq no matter what.

While it's nice for us Americans to believe that we are invulnerable and I truly think George Bush and many in the GOP enablers believe this. It has been proven repeatedly in the last half century that we can and have been defeated. Bush and company are ignoring the lessons learned in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia. In each case we lost and had to withdraw. It didn’t matter what or how we justified out actions in each of those places we still lost.

The bottom line is that George Bush, a good part of the GOP and a few Dem enablers like Holy Joe are refusing to acknowledge the reality on the ground in Iraq. We are well and truly fucked here folks. This is a military and political disaster of epic proportions and threatens to engulf the entire Middle East. We are well on our way over the cliff and yet the current leadership (to use the term loosely) refuses to change course or even consider changing course. By all my definitions of insanity this sure fits the bill.

Speaking of insanity, there is another possibility and I am actually ashamed to believe it. That possibility is that Bush and crew really and for truly know that Iraq is lost but they are too embarrassed to admit it. In some kind of macho “war president” fevered logic they are refusing to consider withdrawal in an attempt to “save face”. Regardless of the continued rising costs in lives and dollars they are content to let the next administration handle the problem. Think about it…George Bush would rather see American men and women die in Iraq than admit the whole thing was a fiasco from the beginning.

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