Friday, August 11, 2006

No Fluids or Gels

Ok all packed and ready. I think I have sanitized my briefcase of anything remotely liquid. gluestick, chapstick all in the suitcase which I will check. Just to be on the safe side I took my little baggies of teas and Splenda and put then in the suitcase as well.

Final day of meetings with the client and then I'll head for O'Hare and see what unfolds. I'm going to give two of the client team a lift to the airport and both of these ladies are going international, one to London and one to Rio. If I were them I would be a little stressed thinking about the hassles they are going to face. From what I hear from others the lines are just longer and as long as you don't have any liquids or potential liquids you should be ok.

There is no internet access for me on the client network so I am off ine until late tonight or tomorrow. I may post via the BlackBerry from the airport just to report success in negotiating security. Everyone have a great day.

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