Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dems Abandon Jobless But Not Wall Street and the War

From the Washington Post
House Democrats are likely to drop a 13-week extension of unemployment insurance benefits from a major spending package that includes continued funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and that would create a new education benefit for military veterans returning from the battlefields.
The version of the bill approved by the Senate on May 22 would cost more than $250 billion over 10 years, a price tag that the fiscally conservative caucus of "Blue Dog" House Democrats opposes. The bill would provide $165 billion to fund the two wars into the next presidency, along with billions of dollars more for domestic programs.

How do the "Blue Dog Democrats" look at themselves in the mirror when they shave in the morning? They merrily go along with bailing out Wall Street to the tune of billions without a peep and now they turn around and throw jobless Americans under the bus. These are Americans who are losing their jobs in large part because of Wall Street and their failures and now they are getting shafted again.

The "Blue Dog Democrats" and their "conservative" principles happily shovel out billions of dollars so the over paid jokers on Wall Street can maintain their luxurious lifestyles while stabbing regular Americans in the back. Shameful! It is absolutely absurd to casually pump another $165 billion into Shrub's insane war and then out of the other side of their faces insist we as a nation we can't afford to extend jobless benefits for another 13 weeks. No problem with continuing to subsidize the wild gambling of Wall Street but help out Joe six-pack, no way! One wonders how the Democrats ever got the reputation for being spineless and wishy-washy?

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