Wednesday, June 04, 2008

On to the White House

It was a long struggle but it is over and Obama will be the next President of the United States. It is not a "done deal" but if all the scattered Dems will rally behind their candidate and do what is right then it will happen. There is nothing positive for McSame to run on and everything for Obama to hammer him with. No, Obama was not my first choice but he will be my President and I will support him in every way I can.

I stayed up way past my normal bedtime (on the road) to watch Obama's speech. I had earlier seen a bit of McSame's. The difference in the two candidates could not be greater than was demonstrated in those two speeches. McSame was old and tired and he spoke for a few dozen old and tired white guys and he said nothing. Obama spoke before thousands of cheering and fired up people that are tired of the way things are and are looking for change and a return to the America we we are taught to believe in. Obama challenged America to look forward and grasp our dreams for America with both hands and build the future we all can live in. He challenged the status quo at every turn and squarely planted on McSame's shoulders the cloak of incompetence and failure that is the legacy of George Bush and the GOP. The fight is on.

It is going to be an exciting campaign and I fully expect that when November comes America will send Bush, McSame and the rest of the GOP into the history books where they belong. They have demonstrated fully and repeatedly that they cannot govern a country. It's been a dark time for America but it is about to change. It is our job to make sure it does.

Let's rock and roll!

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