Monday, June 30, 2008

Surprise Hotel

I mentioned to the client that the Hampton Inn was a bit edgy...livable but edgy. This week they booked me into a different hotel. They told me it was new and supposed to be very nice. It turns out that The Partridge Inn is on the Register of Historic Places. A very old hotel that has been recently renovated and very nice and quaint. I am on the top floor (5th) and actually have a balcony that overlooks Augusta. The Inn is on a hill so the view is quite nice. I have a few pics which I will post a bit later. Not ideal for me since I need a fridge to store my fish oil and yogurt but otherwise not too bad. I don't think the client realized that being a traditional "old hotel" things like breakfast are extra so even though they got a corporate rate it is going to cost them for breakfast and all that stuff. I am going to try the restaurant tonight which is rated as very good. I shall report. If I were coming to Augusta for tourist stuff then this would be a great place as it is in town and central to the historic district, airport and about a mile and a half from Augusta National.

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