Thursday, June 12, 2008

Strategic Voting or a Sacred Trust?

There is a discussion over at Frederick's place about "Strategic Voting". If you, for instance, support and endorse Barack Obama and live in a state where it is very likely that Obama will win handily and have the opportunity to vote for 3rd party candidates you should feel free to vote 3rd party to make a statement against the two majority parties.

My feeling is that the right to vote for President is a 'scared trust' handed down to us from our forefathers who fought and died to preserve and protect that right. We, in turn, are entrusted with protecting and preserving this 'sacred trust' so that we may hand it our children.

It is our duty and privilege as Americans to take this sacred right to vote as something solemn and deadly serious and use that vote to send the very best we can to the White House. To do anything less is a dereliction of the trust our forefathers passed to us to protect and preserve.

I'd like to here some other opinions. What to you think about your right to vote? Is it right to use it for anything less than it's ultimate purpose and that is to select the from the very best among us to serve as President?

Granted, the majority has really fluffed the job over the last 20 to 30 years but does that lessen our responsibility to try and improve our record?

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