Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Forgive me Goddess for I have sinned...twice. First, I walked into the Great Beast and made a purchase. I know it was wrong and I beg forgiveness. The thing is I broke my headphones this morning and I find it very hard to work without a little music in the background. You see, I am not familiar with the territory here in Augusta and my client actually is directly next door to to a brand spanking new(parts still under construction) Super WallyWorld. So there are extenuating circumstances and maybe even an actual emergency...depending on your point of view. Honestly, if there were a Fry's nearby I would have spent the gas to get there. If it is any consolation it wasn't painless and I am still trying to recover the life force depleted in the 15 minutes I was in the belly of the beast. That's the first part of today's sinning...the second is that while there I stopped at MickeyD's and got a Southern Style Chicken sandwich for lunch but to my credit no fries. I could claim I was doing road food research and had to compare the new sandwich with Chick Filet but that wouldn't be true. BTW...it's a pretty good imitation. Same little plastic cottony bun, same little industrial pickles, very similar piece of undistinguished fried chicken breast.

So yes, I scarificed my principles on the alter of convenience and laziness. Sorry.

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