Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Over There

Just in case you haven't been paying attention...what with grieving over Tim Russert and watching McSame dig his hole deeper.

There have been 4,413 coalition deaths in Iraq since the occupation started:

Just in case you are a detail oriented type as of June 17, 2008 that boils down to:

4,101 American sons and daughters
2 Australians
176 mates from the UK
13 Bulgarians
1 Czech
7 Danes
2 Dutch
2 Estonians
1 Fijian
5 Georgians
1 Hungarian
33 Italians
1 Kazakh
1 Korean
3 Latvian
22 Poles
3 Romanians
5 Salvadoran
4 Slovaks
11 Spaniards
2 Thai
18 Ukrainians

Oh, and lest we forget, At least 30,209 American soldiers have been wounded in action and had their lives changed forever.
If I figure it correctly we have about 7 months before we can start bringing them home.

BTW, did I mention that in one of the deadliest attacks in Baghdad in months, at least 51 Iraqis were killed and 75 were wounded today in a car bombing.

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