Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nah, Nah!

I have just had my first tomatoes from the garden. Only cherry tomatoes but lovely and sweet. They actually made their debut in a salad of home grown butter lettuce, home grown parsley and a lovely goat cheese called "Purple Haze". Nice little cheese with lavender and fennel seed.
I should add that they were paired with a small yellow fin tuna steak marinated in Ponzu and coated with sesame. I even went to the trouble of getting out my tiny Weber "Smokey Joe" and over a fire of natural charcoal hit those tuna steaks with about 800 degrees of real charcoal heat. Need I say that they were "slap yo' Momma" good. There were only a dozen little cherry tomatoes but there is some sense of accomplishment in eating your own home grown food

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