Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hooters, Don't Bother

While tooling down Washington here in Augusta last night trying to decide what to have for dinner I noticed Hooters was having a big re-opening after being closed for remodeling. I've never been to one and Buffalo Wings and a cold beer sounded OK. They advertise their wings(and scantily clad staff) heavily here in the Southeast so I figured why not.

Don't bother. The wings were small, overcooked and otherwise undistinguished. Nothing on tap but Budweiser brews and an otherwise poor selection of bottled beer, though they did have Blue Moon. Much better wings at Three Dollar Cafe and other places. To add insult to injury...after paying $7.99 for ten wings you get to pay a buck extra if you want blue cheese dressing and a couple of carrot strips. No celery. Yes, the girls are cute and perky in their tight shorts and tanks but don't, in my opinion, make up for the rest of the experience.

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