Sunday, June 01, 2008

Magnolia and Gardenia

The first official weekend of summer. All the chores are done except for going to madam's office and trying to install the 2008 upgrade to Quickbooks on her office computer(arrrgh!). All the gardening done and I even managed to get he white paint off the right end of my front fender from where I nicked the garage door coming in on Friday afternoon. No damage and a little elbow grease took care of the paint scraped off the door frame. I don't know if I mentioned the hail storm in Augusta the other week which left some nice little dimples all over my pristine car which is next thing to do. State Farm has a catastrophe unit set up in Augusta near the client's office and all I need to do is make an appointment. Lots of people evidently had some damage.
Anyhow, it is definitely summer here in the Northern Atlanta burbs. Took a few photos in the garden after the rain this morning when the sun reappeared. Gardenias and magnolia breaking out in full bloom and the first day lily as well. When the gardenia are in full bloom you can almost get high on the overwhelming perfume. Mix the exotic smell of the gardenia with the oh so faint essence of citrus from the magnolia and it is quite heady.
Off to Augusta again tomorrow morning for another exciting immersion in the fabulously wacky world of home appliance parts logistics. I cannot, however, complain about the money.

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