Thursday, October 11, 2007

ConAgra Shows It's Stripes

UPDATE: Conagra has since agreed to recall all of the frozen pot pies manufactured at the Marshall plant since it opened. A step in the right direction but why did it take so long? 10/12/07 1305

Thanks to Steve Bates at YDD we are informed that ConAgra has refused to recall its beef pot pies, after its chicken pot pies were found to be contaminated with Salmonella... despite the requests of two state health departments to do so:

ConAgra Foods Inc. is refusing to recall Banquet-brand and other potpies tied to a national salmonella outbreak, rejecting direct pleas by Oregon and Minnesota health officials.

The state officials say the company needs to recall all of its potpies because the source of the salmonella has not been identified. Doing anything less, they say, allows potentially dangerous food to remain on the market and confuses consumers.

The company says a recall is unnecessary. It contends that contamination is limited to its poultry potpies. Risks can be eliminated, the company says, by instructing consumers to cook the pies thoroughly enough to kill salmonella bacteria.

The dispute highlights a long-standing limitation in America's system for safeguarding the food supply: State officials who most frequently unearth the cause of foodborne illness have no regulatory authority over food makers. Federal officials can ask companies to recall food, but that process can take days or weeks.

This is another example of big agribusiness putting their profit ahead your good health and even your life. I think a tit for tat is in order here and that using their example you should make your health a priority over ConAgra's profits. If they refuse to voluntarily withdraw potentially dangerous products from the market and leave all of the downside risk to you I think you should consider all of their myriad products risky and potentially dangerous to your health. As a public service and thanks to Wikipedia we have an extensive list of their products which might be prudent to avoid. Don't forget the Peter Pan peanut butter incident just a few months ago.

Here is the list. Don't fail to take note of how many places in your food life this obviously irresponsible company touches...Scary isn't it.

* Act II - Microwave Popcorn
* Andy Capp's fries - flavoured corn and potato snack made to look like French fries.
* Banquet - Frozen chicken and ready-to-heat meals
* Big Mama Sausage - Snack-sized preserved sausages
* Blue Bonnet - Margarine and bread spreads
* Chef Boyardee - Ready-to-eat pasta meals
* Crunch 'n Munch - Snack food
* David Sunflower Seeds - Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
* Dennison's - Chili
* Egg Beaters - Processed egg product
* Fiddle Faddle - Snack food
* Fleischmann's - Bread spreads
* Gebhardt - Tex-Mex style foods
* Gilardi Foods - Italian-style foods
* Golden Cuisine - Ready-made food for seniors
* Gulden's - Mustard
* Healthy Choice - Ready-to-eat and prepared foods
* Hebrew National - Kosher sausages, cold cuts and condiments
* Hunt's - Canned tomato products, ketchup and barbecue sauce
* Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding - Shelf-stable pudding
* J. Hungerford Smith - Dessert ingredients for restaurants
* Jiffy Pop - Popcorn
* Kid Cuisine - Prepared foods for children
* Knott's Berry Farm - Jams and jellies
* La Choy - Chinese-style foods
* Lamb Weston Inland Valley - Consumer sales of frozen potato products
* Lightlife - Vegetarian meat product substitutes
* Luck's - Canned baked beans
* MaMa Rosa's - Frozen pizzas and snack foods
* Manwich - Canned sloppy Joe mix
* Margherita - Italian-style processed meats
* Marie Callender's - Frozen meals
* Move Over Butter - Margarine
* Orville Redenbacher's - Popcorn
* PAM - Spray cooking oils
* Parkay - Bread spreads
* Patio - Tex-Mex-style frozen meals
* Pemmican - Beef and turkey jerky
* Penrose - Pickled sausages
* Peter Pan - Peanut butter
* Poppycock - Snack food
* Ranch Style - Baked and Refried beans
* Reddi-wip - Whipped cream
* Ro*tel - Canned tomato sauce
* Rosarita - Mexican-style foods
* Slim Jim - Meat snacks
* Swiss Miss -Powdered cocoa for hot chocolate and pudding
* Squeez 'N Go - Prepared pudding
* Van Camp's - Canned beans
* VH - Sauces (Available in Canada only)
* Wesson - Cooking oils
* Wolf Brand Chili - Chili
* Wolfgang Puck - Prepared foods branded by Chef Wolfgang Puck, founder of Spago

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