Monday, October 08, 2007

New Town, Same Town

All settled in to the Hampton Inn in Fayetteville, Ga. Nice new hotel and the complimentary HS wireless internet works. Madam packed me a surprise for the trip and I found a nice bottle of South African Cab in my things. Thank you! Hope everyone had a great Monday. I'm going to go out and forage for dinner but I am afraid this area is pretty much like every other booming burb of Atlanta( or any othe town in America for that matter) in that all I will find is the regular stuff (Appleby's, Bugaboo Creek, Longhorns, Chilis, etc.). All of these places will have a great selection of faux food in feed a small family portions...boy do I miss Lyon. Rumor has it that there is a small cafe down the road that is good so that will be my first try.

I'll be back after dinner.

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