Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Good Drugs

This is rich. From Froomkin:

A defensive President Bush insisted that he was still relevant this morning in a news conference dominated by his bitter complaints about the Democratic Congress.

Asked how he found himself vetoing a children's health insurance bill that had passed Congress with bipartisan support, Bush insisted that using a veto is "one way to ensure I am relevant."

When a reporter followed up and asked Bush if he felt he was losing leverage and relevance, Bush replied: "I've never felt more engaged and more capable of getting the American people to realize there's a lot of unfinished business."

Which, let's be blunt, is hard to believe.
Bush's approval rating is now at 24% in one national poll and everything he touches has turned to shit and the pigs are eating it. He can claim nothing but failure as a legacy and he still believes he is engaged and relevant. I guess when you are the most powerful person in the world you can get really, really good drugs. That is the only explanation.

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