Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Really Bad Food

Out tonight to sample the local BBQ. Did a web search and a place called Melear's got some good reviews on Yahoo so I decided to give it a try. Walking in the place the atmosphere looked right... rough but clean and there were other diners, though not many considering the time.

I ordered the regular Pork BBQ plate(it did say plate) and what came a bit later should have warned me. My plate turned out to be a sickly green compartmented tray of the kind we got in the chow hall in bootcamp. On the tray were two slices of "light bread" that were grilled on one side but nice and soggy on the other...very bad. In the next compartment was a handful of ridged potato chips that were mostly crumbs...no thanks. Next was a pile of coleslaw and a few slices of sweet pickle...pickles good slaw not so much. Then comes the compartment of what was purported to be Brunswick Stew. It might have been my much loved stew at one time but this was basically just a brown gruel with nothing of the original ingredients detectable as it must have been put through a blender or else kept warm so long every thing just gave up and melted together...I tasted it but that is as far as I would go. Finally we come to the BBQ. Just a pile of stringy and dry stuff that probably was pork at one time. No detectable smoke flavor or any other flavor for that matter. Sauce didn't help.

So I can, without reservation, tell you to stay away from Melear's BBQ in Fayetteville, Ga. I surely won't darken their door again. Consider yourself warned. There is another BBQ place down the road called Speedi-Pig but when I passed it tonight at 7 there were only two cars and a pickup in the lot so I might give that a pass as well.

Oh! I almost forgot the "highlight" of the evening. Just as I got up to pay the tab I noticed a life sized cardboard cut-out of George W Bush standing and smirking in the corner. It is now no wonder the BBQ was so bad. Making good "Q" is sort of a religious thing and with that much bad karma in the place it is no surprise the BBQ was crap. It had no soul and had no love.

Needless to say there is a very poor (1 star) review along with the 3 and 4 star reviews on Yahoo.

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