Sunday, October 07, 2007

Up the Country

Had a great time at the Turning and Burning. Bigger than ever and people everywhere. The Baptist church ran out of pinto beans before I got to their tent so I had to settle for just a BBQ sandwich and some homemade peach ice cream. Scored one new piece of Hewell (made by Matthew Hewell) made stoneware and this is a "cream rising" bowl(don't ask). I'll post a picture...It's about a foot tall and a foot across at the mouth, it is a pretty good size bowl. This is a new style that the Hewells have added to their repertoire. It is called "Edgefield" style. Edgefield, South Carolina was one of the very first locations for southern potters and many of the southern potters in North Carolina and Georgia came from there. Edgefield was known for it's "slip glazing" which is the little light decoration on the bowl. It is a little bead of glaze added to the jug or bowl after it has been dipped in the traditional slip and it is all fired at one time. A lot of the early potters were slaves and one "Dave" was known for putting Bible verses on his pots using the "slip glaze" technique. A "Dave" jug or pot is worth thousands and thousands of dollars today and extremely rare.

Just sort of chilling today and getting ready for a full week of meetings with the new client. It is probably going to take 6 or 8 weeks to define the implementation so I'll be spending my weeks in Peachtree City, Ga for the rest of October and part of November. I am not the "lead" on this one but am the "mentor" for a new addition to the team which means I get to avoid having to do the weekly status reports and all the other project paperwork. I will just be doing my "Big Kahuna" stuff.

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