Sunday, October 14, 2007

Home Safe

Arrived safe and sound after a record trip. No delays and perfect driving weather. All settled in the Hampton Inn in Princeton, West"by God" Virginia. This is the closest "real" hotel to my hometown Narrows, Va where my Mom and Grandmother lived and where the services will be.
Typical Southern we left Mom's last night to head to the hotel the food was already starting to arrive. Food is what you do for funerals in the South. I am sure by the end of the day there will be enough for 6 times as many people as we will have to feed. Everyone has their specialty for funerals...this one brings banana pudding, this one a squash casserole and another a glorious pound cake or pie. There will be turkey, fried chicken, ham and who knows what else but I will guarantee there will be at least one plate of deviled eggs. No southern event, especially a funeral, is complete without deviled eggs.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to express their sympathy. It is very much appreciated. This is not going to be one of those funerals where everyone is sad. Ruby lived a full life and then some. She was loved and respected by all who knew her and in her belief system she is going home which should be a happy occasion. The only thing that might cause a little trouble is the fact that there was no Presbyterian minister to do the service and so it will be done by a Baptist. I am sure she will understand, she's known him for years and will overlook it.

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