Tuesday, October 09, 2007

There Are No Poor People In America

Updated below:

Mark Steyn writing in the National Review reveals a classic nugget of wingnut(conservative) thinking and rationalization. It is all in reference to the piling on by the GOP of the 12 year Graeme Frost used in the ad to support the passage of the expanded S-CHIP bill.

A more basic point is made very robustly by Kathy Shaidle: Advanced western democracies have delivered the most prosperous societies in human history. There simply are no longer genuinely "poor" people in sufficient numbers. As Miss Shaidle points out, if you're poor today, it's almost always for behavioral reasons - behavior which the state chooses not to discourage but to reward. Nonetheless, progressive types persist in deluding themselves that there are vast masses of the "needy" out there that only the government can rescue.
That's right the fact is there are no poor people in America that cannot afford health insurance for their children...it's all a progressive fiction promulgated by the damn dirty hippies. If you are a child in Amercia and don't have health insurance it is just because your parents have behavior problems. If you get sick and die kids, blame your parents for bad choices.

Update: Here is Digby discussing the GOP attacks on the kid. She does her usual excellent job of putting it all into perspective.

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