Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If You Are Not Guilty Then Why Do You Need Immunity?

Update: According to Christy Hardin Smith at Firedoglake via e-mail from Liz Rose of the ACLU on the draft Senate version of the FISA bill, which is not yet publicly available and not being widely shared for review either:

…the Senate bill (Committee draft) does contain immunity/amnesty for the telecom companies…Including retroactive immunity for anything they’ve done wrong in cooperating in illegal domestic spying for the past six years.

This is not acceptable. If you are available to make some phone calls Christy has all the numbers posted.
updated at 1205p 10/11/07

This is absolutely rich. George the Decider is now insisting that Congress give retroactive immunity to the telecom companies who helped him spy illegally on me and millions of other American citizens, and if they don't, he's going to, by God, veto the domestic spying bill.

From the AP:
President Bush said Wednesday that he will not sign a new eavesdropping bill if it does not grant retroactive immunity to U.S. telecommunications companies that helped conduct electronic surveillance without court orders.
I say fine. Let him veto the legislation he is insisting is desperately needed to keep the nation's virgins safe from being despoiled by hordes of brown terrorists who are, right this very second , poised on their camels and itching to ride through your neighborhood.

Bush and his shills have been been insisting for years that all the domestic spying he was doing was legal. Even AT&T told us that their spying was legal. Excuse me, but I have to ask if all this spying on their fellow Americans was legal then why do they need immunity? If everything they did and are doing is legal then why does Bush the Incompetent have his skivvies in such a knot over this?

All I have to say is that if the Democrats give into Bush on this it will be because they are on the take from the telecoms...can't be another reason. Bush is at 28% in the polls and that means he is charge only if you let him be. Let's let the courts decide if the telecoms and Bush spied on us illegally and not grant them immunity without America getting some answers and their day in court. It is not the job of Congress to decide guilt or innocence but that of the courts. Let's let the Constitution be the rule here for a change.

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