Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Almost Frost

The Goddess had some fun with me yesterday. The forecast was for a potential frost last night(figures the day after I put out tomatoes) and I rushed home from work and spent several hours covering each of the 80 or so tomato plants in a nice teepee of wheat straw in hopes of preventing any damage. It got close but we missed a frost by a few degrees and it appears that, other than a little wind damage, the plants made it through the night. I've got the morning off as I get to close tonight but it is grocery day so the morning will be consumed with shopping. I also have to drive out to Tractor Supply for birdseed. So it is Tractor Supply, Kroger, and Trader Joe's this morning and then rush home to uncover tomatoes and then off to work at 130p.

Other than dodging the frost last night there is some more great news... my ovens finally got fixed yesterday. I've been without them for over a month and so no fresh bread or anything else baked. Now I just have to find the time to bake some bread. BTW the experience with A&E Factory Service was less than brilliant. The first tech just looked at the oven and ordered the wrong part after nearly two weeks of waiting for him. Another week waiting for the part to arrive and then another week week waiting for the proper part and another week to get it installed. Granted my Bosch ovens are common but jeebus what a trial. I'll definitely look for another repair service next time rather than using the one recommended by Bosch.

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