Monday, April 18, 2011

Cage Fight

Spent most of the day making more tomato cages. I bought a 150ft roll of concrete reinforcing wire and cut it into 8 square bits and then form the cage by joining the ends. As usual I didn't emerge unscathed as the cut wire is sharp point after sharp point. I'm slightly bloodied but have half the cages made. I usually get about 30 or so cages out of a roll so there are few more to do.

The damn deer have nipped off a couple of more tomatoes. I am spreading all the tomato cages around the garden to trip them up and the already planted tomatoes are surround with a wall of cages. Very frustrating but at least I have more plants ready in the greenhouse. The torrential rains have left the garden too wet to work in for now but I am off again Thursday so I should get some more planting done. I am having real worries that all my tender pepper plants, okra and eggplant are going to ravaged by the whitetail and I am devising ways to foil the critters.

I am trying to refrain from any political comment until the stupid subsides a bit. I am just at the shaking my head stage now and just can't work up the spit to consider anything going on worth wasting my limited time on. The politics in this country have gone from bad to Alice in Wonderland as in Mad Hatter strange and it isn't for a somewhat sane person to even consider.

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