Thursday, April 21, 2011


The Goddess is playing games with me again. There are two deer(I think they are two does but they are young and could be otherwise) that know that I go out nearly every morning at first light to fill the bird feeders and check the garden. There is a maybe one hundred foot section of natural area between the back yard and the garden. Lately, each morning these two deer are somewhere on the path through the natural area and between me and the garden. When they see me they make a few bounds to the garden and if I move closer they then bound over the fence into the open forest of my back neighbor's 'estate'. Each morning they have also nibbled the tops out of a few tomato plants. Each day that  I can, I replace the chewed plants but the next morning a few more are nibbled. It seems as if the two deer are seeing how many times I can respond to the predation and each morning are waiting to see my reaction. Goddess only knows what will happen when I get the eggplant and peppers in the garden. I am already dreaming of new ways to protect them but when the Goddess is playing games.....
Oh! and I have a nice new head cold....bah!

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