Thursday, April 07, 2011

Just Take It All

The absurdity of Mr. Ryan's "Prosperity Gambit" makes it unworthy of comment. If anyone with half a mind just reads it they will understand that it is just a way for the wealthy to get the rest of what should belong to us of the great unwashed lower class. Lower the taxes of the wealthiest and let the poor just suck it up. It's nothing but political and economic sadism.

My question for all those 55 and under is, how do you want your tax refund? I'm apparently safe(for now) at 62 but all you folks 55 and under have been paying taxes into Medicare for a long time....many of you tens of thousands of dollars. If the Rethugs succeed in screwing you out of Medicare don't you think you should be refunded all the money you have paid in as a separate tax out of your paychecks? Would you like a lump sum, a credit on your income taxes for a few years or maybe an annuity that will pay you a few grand a year for some years? Something to think about.

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