Monday, April 11, 2011

Bad Start To The Season

Besides the fact that this "part time" job is working me 40 plus hours a week and putting a serious dent in my gardening time the wildlife has it in for me as well. Out of the 80 or so tomato plants I stuck in the ground on Monday the deer have eaten the tops out of about 10%. What's more they didn't bother the Better Boy or Rutgers plants which can be replaced easily(though expensively) at the local garden store but the Italian Heirloom I grew from saved seed which must be regrown with the resulting loss of a month. They went right down the row of heirloom plants and neatly nipped off the tops which effectively is the same as killing the plant outright. On my day off tomorrow I will have to replant and start over. I have to work the afternoon and close today which mean I won't get home until about 11p.
Due to the lack of gardening time some of my tomato plants got a little too leggy in the greenhouse so I am trying an experiment. I have cut the tops off all the plants that were too tall and planted the cut off tops in trays. I am hoping they will quickly root and I can get them into the's an old trick my grandfather used to use when he would "sucker' his tomatoes(breaking off the extra branches that form on indeterminate varieties (like Rutgers, Cherokee purple, etc.) and just stick the "sucker" in the dirt and grow a whole new tomato plant. We'll see.
Tomorrow will be a busy day as I hope to get a huge amount done in the garden. Several varieties of beans, some of the peppers, the rest of the tomatoes. I also need to get the seeds for cukes and different squash started in trays tomorrow and I still need to get carrots, beets, more leeks and stuff moved to the garden. I also have okra plants to get moved but they can wait a week or so since they only really get going when it gets good and hot and they will wait patiently in the trays for awhile...besides okra was the first thing the deer attacked last year so no sense rushing it.
It's almost time to get dressed for work and I still have a few gardening chores to do like mist the tomato cuttings and such. Later folks.

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