Monday, April 04, 2011

Rampant Vegan Sex

The post title is not quite accurate but I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of weird traffic it might generate. It is that time in Atlanta again when virtually everything is blooming and the pollen is drifting in clouds with everything coasted in fine yellow dust. It is a riot of plant reproduction outside. This is the prettiest time in Altanta with all the dogwoods, azaleas and such in full color.
It was a gorgeous weekend but I had to work but I have today off and it is going to be full time in the garden. My tomatoes are way too"leggy" and they need to go into the garden today...some of them are over a foot and a half tall and I am going to have to plant them sideways in a very deep hole. I think the garden is dry enough to finish tilling a space for them so that is the primary goal for least get most of them in. The second batch of tomatoes I planted in early March are still ok but the February ones have gone wild. Yes, it is still too cool for them to put on much growth but I will lose them all if I don't do something. Rain is expected tonight and tomorrow and I have to work Tue., Wed. and Thurs. so today has to be it. If I am lucky I will also get time to get the second crop of peas sown...we'll see. I managed to get the lawn mowed after work last night so that is out of the way and it was looking pretty shabby. I didn't reseed last fall so there is really not much actual grass out there just clover and nutshedge, dandelions and the is green however.
Well, the sun is up and I am off to the garden. Big breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast so I am fueled for the morning at least.

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