Monday, April 25, 2011

Thwarted Once Again

It has been quiet around here because I am working. Seems I close one night and open the next morning over and over. Leaves me absolutely no time for anything but sleep. Finally got two days off in a row and I got up early and started trying to get caught up in the garden. Tilled, hilled the potatoes, and all the other little things that the garden has been too wet to allow. Madam helped me get most of the pepper plants in  and we were going great guns...we might have even gotten the sweet potatoes planted. However the clouds opened up and we got another frog strangler. I just checked and there is a small river running through the garden. The huge deluge cut through one row of peppers and several are washed away. There is water standing 2 - 3 inches deep everywhere. So frustrating and now I won't be able to do anything tomorrow since it will still be soaked. Ever since my neighbor cleared his back wooded area which is slightly uphill from me I can't control the run off. and it floods me every time. We no longer get gentle soaking rains just downpours which do nothing but race downhill and wash away my hard work. It looks like I am going to have to solve the run off problem before I can expect to garden. I am off again Thursday and maybe it will just dry enough to get the sweet potatoes and okra in and replace all the washed out peppers. The Goddess is making it very hard for me to get a garden in this year and I have been good....really I have.

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