Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Disturbance in the Force

Pissed Off Patricia over at Morning Martini is feeling the pressure of the "dark side". The overwhelming amount of hate, death, dispair and pain in the world today is coming through the news and whether she realizes it or not is actually disturbing the "force" in the world. George Lucas borrowed from many things in constructing his Star Wars universe and a whole lot from Joeseph Campbell. A common theme that runs throught the long line of myth and religion in the world is the concept coined as "the force" in Star Wars .

You'll find that, on average, those of us on the left are more sensitive to the pain and dispair of others. Our reactions to disasters such as Katrina and the war in Iraq are more focused on the human suffering and needless death than on such abstract areas of combat ops or infrastructure damage. It is part of the territory as you grow into a full participant in the dance of life. You begin to feel and appreciate your connectedness to all things and feel their pain and anquish much more acutely. On the upside you also get to share in their love and joy when it happens. The tough thing right now is that the balance is tipped to the "dark side" and we all feel the disturbance in the quote Yoda.

All of you that are feeling the "disturbance" whether it be as a general unease, bad dreams or just a background noise of fear and dispair should take heart in the fact that the universe seeks balance at all times and the force of good will once again strengthen and return the equilibrium. You can already see the beginnings of the swing in the growing global disgust with the way things are going. It is just going to require a little more patience.

By the way, it always helps if we focus on love, beauty and balance in our thoughts and actions. Resist the urge to hate those causing the pain. The "dark side" feeds on hate and fear...don't feed it.

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