Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Travelogue

Here are a few pictures to contemplate and rest your thoughts upon. On the bottom is the village bowling green in Bakewell , Derbyshire. UK. Madam has just returned from a couple of weeks with friends. The town always makes an effort to plant it with all manner of flowers for the summer including many varieties of roses. Bakewell is "famous" for the Bakewell Pudding which is a custard filled pastry that must be an acquired taste.
Also for your viewing pleasure is the panoramic view from the Curbar Edge overlooking the Derbyshire dales. It is very restful and bucolic. You can look closely and see the River Derwent as it flows along.
First, we have a view of the "bustling village center" of the famous plague village of Eyam in the Peak District of Derbyshire where our friends live. The plague arrived in Eyam in 1665 and the villagers bravely quarantined themselves within the village until the plague subsided in 1666 but not before 259 of the 350 villagers had succumbed to the scourge. Many of the cottages where the villagers lived and died are still occupied as homes in the village but are marked with small plaques noting who died there during the plague. The familiar children's rhyme "Ring Around the Rosie" comes from the plague and tells about the symptoms and experience of the plague.
"Ring a ring of roses
a pocket full of posies
atishoo, atishoo
we all fall down"
The ring of roses refers to the signs of plaque on the victim's body; posies were the nosegays they carried to try and ward off the disease; the sneezing was a symptom of the disease; and once the victim fell they never got up again...cheery little thought.

Have a nice Sunday.

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