Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What A Guy

In another demonstration of his concern about the morale of our troops in Iraq, President Bush has announced an "in country R&R" program in an effort to do more for the boys and girls giving it their best in the fight against terror.

In a special announcement today Bush said that an unknown number of personnel serving in outlying areas of Iraq and in Kuwait will get the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife and ambience that Baghdad has to offer at no cost to them. the length of these "special" visits has not been determined. This new program takes advantage of the progress we have made in turning Baghdad into a showplace of democracy and progress in the Middle East, Bush said.

Interviews with potential candidates for this new program produced "mixed" results. Many of those interviewed felt that they were not deserving of such special attention and offered to give up their spots to others. That's the spirit...always thinking of the other guy.

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