Saturday, July 08, 2006

Of Zits and Other Irritations

Hey folks, I hate to be the party pooper around here but their is a war on big time in Iraq and one simmering in Afghanistan. The North Koreans are pumping sunshine up our kilts. The economy is tanking. We owe the Japanese and mostly the Chinese our total output for untold in we are writing checks our great-great-grand children are going to have to cash. Millions of Americans are below the povery line but are working 60 - 80 hours a week just to fall further and further behind the American Dream. We are slowly poisoning our skies and waters and actually reversing the efforts we began making 10 -15 years ago to change. The world hates and fears us as you would a rabid dog. That's just for starters...

Face it folks we are very similar to a giant ZIT on the face of civilization. You know the kind that stares back at you from the mirror in the morning and actually throbs. You know the one that signals to everyone who sees you how diseased and unclean you must be. You know the kind.

Hey GOP Congress, all or any of the above you could be tackling before the mid-terms. But NO, your agenda for the rest of the year is to vote on family tax breaks, prohibiting any government from using federal money to confiscate guns during emergencies; ensure that local governments do not have to pay damages or lawyer fees in court battles over public expressions of religion, and protect the Pledge of Allegiance from being found unconstitutional by a court.

Oh, you are also going to address two of the major crisises facing America by banning human cloning and requiring that those performing late-term abortions to inform women that the fetus could feel pain and could receive anesthesia. You also haven given up trying to solve another severe crisis and plan another vote on a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, even though it could not be adopted in this Congress since it has already been rejected in the Senate.

I have actually been talking to some reasonably thoughtful Republicans recently that are almost too embarrassed to admit they voted for this crowd and Bush especially. And speaking of Bush... don't expect him to do anything to address the major, catastrophic issues facing us and the rest of the world. He and Karl have one thing on their minds for the rest of the godforsaken term and that is pump up the base. If you think trashing the NYT was bad you ain't seen nothing yet.

Getting back to the zit metaphor...once you got it, you can squeeze it, smear antibiotics on it and just try and pretend it isn't there but you know and everyone else knows it is. You just have to buck up an hope it won't linger. The good thing is Bush and this Congress will go away but it will seem like forever before they do. Neosporin anyone?

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