Friday, July 14, 2006

It's a War

After spending all day staring at spreadsheets full of numbers I am now braindead.but I just made a quick scan of the news and I can officially declare that in my humble opinion we have another war erupting in the middle-east. The over-top-response from the Israelis, which was just what was hoped for byHezbollah will continue to escalate.
Don't be surpised if Syria and even Iran get into the mix and expect that supporters of Hezbollah in Iraq and Afghanistan take this opportunity to punish American soldiers for the continued unquestioning U.S. support of Israel. We have Palestinian and Lebanese blood on our hands as well. The military and financial aid we have been pumping into Israel for last 5o years or so are the ONLY reason it has the capability to do what it is doing.
It is just so tragic that such a beautiful and historic land was placed in the impossible positition it is in by the Allies after WWII. I am not sure we can see peace there until one side is destroyed so completely that there is no one left to fight.
A lot could have been done by Washington to keep the lid on this but in their incompetence and ignorance they continued to support the radical elements within Israel and ignore the weakness of Lebanon's new government. Our failure to support the fledgling Lebanese government is a primary driver of the desperation fueling this outbreak of violence. We have a lot of responsibility for the state of affairs there.

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