Friday, July 28, 2006

Not Listening and Don't Care

Well, the least (or most) you can say for these cretins is that they are consistent. Rummy announced today that he was extending the deployment of 3,500 troops in Iraq for at leat 120 days. One of the outfits affected was the Alaska-based 172nd Stryker Brigade which already had begun rotating out of Iraq when the order came to stay put. This announcement pretty much locks in the fact that there will be no reductions in force this year. This sucks big time!

It is interesting that this announcement comes on the heels of the admission yesterday by Bush and Hadley that the men dying in Iraq are no longer dying in the war on terror but in trying to quell a religious civil war. Do they think we are not paying attention or what?

As a kicker you get Cat Killer Frist announcing today that the GOP message going forward is "Stay the course on Iraq and the war on terror."

Either these yahoos are not paying attention to the American public or they just don't care(my vote) because the latest New York Times poll says that 66% of Americans think we are going in the wrong direction. Hello?

If you like war then stick with these dipsticks for as long as it takes them to work down to your son or daughter or grandson and granddaughter or think about a "New Direction" with the other guys.

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