Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Know the Way

Doing the final prep for hitting the road again. Taking the evening flight to San Jose. Why is it everywhere I am going is experiencing record high heat? The forecast for San Jose today is 102F. That's insane.

This was a bad week for the world as nothing but bad news is coming out of the middle east. Now even the Brits have broken with the Cheney cluster fuck and condemned the Israeli actions. Condi has some new shoes and is on her way though. Probably wants to get in some Muslim bashing on her own. "Birth pangs of democracy" my ass.

At least something happened this weekend to bring reality closer. Tiger won the British Open. It is some evidence that sanity is till existent...somewhere.

Madam Monk is back and all vacationed. She was unpacking her suitcase and packing mine simultaneously. Don't get to San Jose until about 10 or so PDT so I doubt there will anytime for anything but sleep tonight. Later.

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