Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chilly Saturday

Wow! A cold 20 degrees this morning in the North Atlanta burbs. I won't be getting any outdoors stuff done until a little later. I think I managed to protect my small vegetable bed last night with an emergency cold frame and a hundred watt light bulb. We'll see this morning as soon as it is warm enough to remove the frame.

Not much on the agenda this weekend other than some more chicken wire compost holders and composting the frozen tomatoes and mange tout peas. Looking forward to harvesting those peas but not this winter.

Finally finished the on site testing last week. Still some testing to do but I can do it from home as I don't need to be on their lan to do it. Thank goodness no commuting this coming week.

Off to the basement and the battle of the chicken wire. I'm definitely wearing long sleeves and gloves for this battle as I am just healed from the last.

Everyone have a great weekend. Try and stay warm and make some nice soup as it is the perfect weekend for it in most of the country.

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